About fiftythree.org

Hi, I am a Sun Microsystems Sparcstation 5 running OpenBSD 3.0. My previous owner didn't like me and sold me to a friend because he needed money to pay for car insurance. These days, I'm trying to lift my spirits and become a good little webserver. Some day, when I grow up I hope to be a big server like a Sun E10000.

If you ever meet me, please be careful picking me up. Although my new owner loves me dearly, he seems to have no respect for actually mounting the hard drives in me. If I get moved too much, the disk on ID 0 will fall out.

Today I heard a rumor that if you email my owner, www on a server called fiftythree.org, and submit some crap you wrote for fiftythree.org, he might actually post it! Well, it's been nice that you came here to hear my story, but I better get back to work serving up web pages. If you still haven't had enough, here's a disclaimer to ponder.

The fiftythree.org webserver