The Britney Spears Grocery Store Game

By: One and Zero, pop music fanclub members

      So, you are in a grocery store. You have a cart so full of crap that you couldn't possibly cheat your way into the express lane. Into a long line you go, because to you, the best time to shop is also the best time for everyone else to shop.

      You look around and notice the various candy and reading offerings. There, on one of the covers of Teeny-Bop Magazine is the queen herself, Britney Spears, promoting a magazine's contents of "How to Look Slutty Enough for School and Still Fool Your Parents That You're A Virgin."

      That's how this game began.

      Now, every time you go into the grocery store, aside from the things you actually needed, you have a mission. When in the checkout lane, you have to find at least one picture of Britney Spears on the cover of a checkout lane periodical before you have paid the cashier.

      Once you get the hang of it, it will come naturally. Try looking in other lanes if you are getting stuck. Advanced players might try to restrict themselves to one checkout lane of play, or be required to find multiple instances of Britney on differing covers. It gets even tougher if you add time restrictions such as picking a checkout line with nobody in it.


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