Good Watertower, EVIL WATERTOWER

By: Lloyd Worthnone, public servant

The Evil Watertower:
  • lives on the east side of I-39 in Plover, Wisconsin.
  • injects poison into the supply
  • can't be trusted
  • hates everything, especially the Good Watertower
  • trys to cause car accidents and derail trains
  • has plans for total world domination starting with creating a nationwide network of evil watertowers to spread the infectious ideas of evil via poisoned water that will corrupt and control countless minds of youth that will carry out the work of the Evil Watertower throughout the world.
The Good Watertower:
  • lives on the west side of I-39 in Plover, Wisconsin.
  • provides clean drinking water for the city
  • loves everyone
  • cares about the city's well-being
  • promotes peace and prosperity

How well do you know your watertower?

      Many, many years ago, these two watertowers used to be friends, great friends. But after the Good Watertower got her beautiful new paint job and her snazzy Plover logo, the Evil Watertower became angry. The Good Watertower has serviced Plover with drinking water for a number of years and is loved by her customers.

      The Evil Watertower has worked for a factory all his life, where he has been abused, and even worse in his eyes, taken for granted. The Evil Watertower then started conspiring to take over the factory and the world. Then, he will no longer be ignored and taken for granted. These plans have been put in motion and should not be taken lightly.

      Have you ever misplaced your keys, or forgotten something at the grocery store? Chances are, Evil Watertower might have been a part of that. When something bad happens to you, try to think about your water source. Nothing is safe, and if Evil Watertower had his way, we would all be drinking pre-poisoned bottled water. Some of you allready are.

This has been a public service announcement from You have been warned.

Pictures are artist's interpretation; actual photo thanks to John.

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