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Simple, yet nonsensical.

BURN! Today's Feature: The Etherkiller and Friends Page

These innocent looking devices inspired a new class of accessories for computers.

Roll some dice It all started with some dice,

Should every drinking game have its own website, or should every website have its own drinking game? That's right, roll some dice and 2 years later you have a web page about it.
This is the game that started it all, the Official Fiftythree Drinking Game.

Mmm, yummy

Words that rhyme with orange

Ever wonder what could possibly rhyme with orange? This page lists them all.

So there
was this one day where she went into the hospital because she was sick and then
came out with bigger boobs.  You decide.

The Britney Spears Grocery Store Game (TBSGSG)

Play a round of TBSGSG, the hottest game around, while in the comfort your local grocery store. Kids, are you tired of waiting in line with mom? You can play too!

school sucks

C is for Credit

A song to cheer up all the schoolkids out there.

evil watertower

Good Watertower, EVIL WATERTOWER

This is the watertower that is slowly taking over the world. Only with your help can we prevent it.

Coming soon to a near you:
  • All about the bastards that own, aren't using it, and want to sell it for $2900.
  • The Stink-o-vator
  • The iceboat
  • Get some spam, yeah, get some

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